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The Santa Cruz Kayak Difference

The Raptor’s uniquely shaped bow is designed to shred waves, deflect spray, yet still maintains a low profile reducing the effects of windage 

Though comparable in weight, its width, measured along the seat section, is much narrower.
This allows for easy paddle strokes and it’s easy on the knuckles too.

The rear is where there is the biggest difference. The catamaran-style pontoons provide a level of stability that is unparalleled.
Stability that allows you to stand up and move about the boat freely. Stability that only the Raptor can provide.

The pontoons also help to shield the rudder from any rocks or bumps you may accidentally encounter.  
The stiff keels are the thickest area since they take the most abuse.
You can store the Raptor on any cross rack  without worry about deformation.

When you compare the Raptor to other kayaks it’s easy to see – there is no comparison – it’s in a class by itself.



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