Boat Rental Frequently Asked Questions 

What months are you open?

Gilligan's Boats store hours

January through mid March - Weather dependent*
mid March through mid May - 9am-3pm EDT most nice days*
mid May through early September - 9am-3pm EDT
October - reservation only *
November through December -  reservation only, Weather dependent*
*reservations accepted for all dates regardless of business hours

Can I bring my pet on board with a Gilligan's Boat Rental?

YES, all pets are welcome at no additional cost. Pets are family too! 

Is the rental rate PER HOUR or what?

No, not per hour. The 8-ll hr. rate for example is from eight up to eleven hours or 6pm whichever comes first (unless you earned the Early Bird Bonus.) If you paid the 4-8 hr. rate your boat will be due back at the courtesy dock no more than 8 hours from leaving the dock or 6 pm EDT whichever comes first.

How Early can I get my boat?

We open at 7 am EDT during the recreational boating season Mid May through Early September. You may arrive as early as 7am at our store. NOTE: We are open for boat rental weather permitting late February through late October.  Fall and Winter months With 48 hours or more advance notice we will make select boats available for your enjoyment.

When is my boat due back?

All boats are due back at the courtesy dock by no later than 6 pm EDT regardless of their start time.
The Early Bird Bonus extends the due in time to Civil Twilight. 

How soon should I reserve my boat?

Weekends and holidays ALWAYS book up early,  ESPECIALLY the waterslide pontoons and the ski and tubing pontoons. 
Reserve months in advance if possible availability may be scarce or none.

How can I make a reservation?

Select and complete our electronic online RESERVATION REQUEST currently located on this page & other boat rental pages under BOAT RENTAL PROCESS.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes sometimes... Never on weekends or holidays. - See bottom of page for BOAT RENTAL DISCOUNTS

When is Civil Twilight?

Click here to view the Civil Twilight Schedule

Does it cost more to make a reservation?

THERE IS A MINIMIM.  You must reserve at the 8 to11 hour rate on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.  You must reserve at the 8 to 11 hour rate or at the absolute minimum the 4 to 8 hour rate on non-holiday weekdays.Reserving  a boat is a valuable service for which Gilligan’s Boats charges no additional fee but rather merely requires a certain rental rate commitment and date and time certainty from our guest. During peak visitation we will reserve your boat of choice for you while turning scores of other families away possibly without a boat at all. In return for this valuable convenient service Gilligan’s Boats requires your acceptance of our reservation terms and our equipment rental terms.  A:  Advance Payment:  You must pay 40% of your boat rental fee.  If you cancel less than two weeks prior to your reserved date there is no refund.  You must agree to a 40% fee for cancelling two weeks or less from your boat rental date.  A:  THERE IS GOOD NEWS:  You may apply your cancellation fee toward future rental that same season.  You won't loose it unless you don't use it.

What if it rains?

CANCELLATION POLICY -- You must agree to allow Gilligan’s Boats to keep 40% of your rental balance if you cancel less than two weeks prior to your reserved date. If you cancel with less than two weeks’ notice then you may apply that toward boat rental through Mid October. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation more than two weeks before your reserved date.

REFUND POLICY – NO REFUNDS or discounts AFTER LEAVING DOCK.  After your boat leaves our dock there will be no refund or discount. It is up to YOU (and no one else) to make your adventure a positive experience.

RESERVATION REFUND POLICY --  100% refund if cancelled two weeks prior.  For guests who choose to prepay in full when they make a reservation we offer 100% refund for cancellation more than two weeks prior to the reserved date. We offer only 60% refund for cancellation (for reservations prepaid in full) two weeks or less prior to the reserved date.

Is fuel included in the rental price? How much fuel is included in the price?

A substantial amount of fuel is included in the price with each boat according to motor hp. and rental time length. All additional fuel used YOU must pay for.

Motor 0 - 4 hrs. 4 - 8 hrs. 8-11 hrs.
10 hp 1 gal. 2 gals. 3 gals.
25 hp 2 gals. 4 gals. 6 gals.
40 hp 3 gals. 6 gals. 8 gals.
50 hp 4 gals. 7 gals. 9 gals.
60 hp 6 gals. 8 gals. 10 gals.
70 hp 6 gals. 8 gals. 10 gals.
90 hp 8 gals. 12 gals. 15 gals.

How much fuel will be on board my boat?

Boats' fuel capacities vary. Pontoon boats' fuel capacities range from 12 gal. to 45 gal. Small boats fuel capacities range from 3 gal. to 9 gal.

What keeps us from running out of fuel?

YOU DO. It's up to you to monitor your fuel gauge or your fuel tank itself (depending on what type of fuel tank your boat has).
You must look at your fuel level regularly throughout your boating day and head back to the point of origin if you need additional fuel.

Will I have to pay for more fuel?

Yes, if your fuel use exceeds the amount of fuel included in your rental price according to the table above.

How old do I have to be to rent a boat? 

18 years.  If you're old enough to go to war and defend our great nation then you are old enough to rent my boat.


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