#64 Fishin' Fool Economy Plus 1989 Riviera Cruiser Angler 20 ft. Pontoon Boat

#64 Fishin' Fool Economy Plus 1989 Riviera Cruiser Angler 20 ft. pontoon boat

Boat #64 is propelled a 25 hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard motor resulting in ecologically friendlier low emissions quiet fuel efficient operation.

Boat #64 accommodates up 6 people maximum & offers TWO FRONT bow swivel soft padded hi-back fishing seats,

a circulating fresh water live-well with padded seating on top just forward of the center captain's helm console,

and rear cushy soft padded sofa bench seat.

Additional fishing features include a 12 volt tiller handle control trolling motor, & electronic sonar depth finder/fish locator.

Sun protection is provided by a retractable 6 ft. X 8 ft. bimini sunshade.

#64 features a CENTER CONSOLE helm with two soft padded port & starboard facing sofas just forward of the center helm. One seat features a live-well lid seat with room for two forward of the captain's stand center console as a unique Fisherman's floor plan designed with FISHING comfort and fishing maneuverability in mind. Lowered front perimeter railing adds freedom to scoop and land fish with your landing net.

Boat Profile

Boat #
Boat Year
Boat Model
Boat Length
20 ft. overall length
Boat Manufacturer
Riviera Cruiser
Manufacturer Location
Made in U.S.A.
Maximum Capacity
6 people maximum
Maximum Capacity (Comfortably)
5 people comfortably


All Day 8-11 hr. morning til 6pm rate
$129.00 limited fuel INCLUDED! -- due back at dock by 6pm EDT (Bonus Civil Twilight time extension available!)

Boat Specifications

Deck Layout
perimeter railing lower in front, 2 front fishing seats, center outward facing sofas, center console, rear sofa seats
Helm Design
Center Console --fishing delight
Boat Beam
8 ft. width
Pontoon Tube Diameter
23" diameter pontoon tubes
Center pontoon
twin pontoon tubes
Fuel Tank Capacity
two twelve gallon fuel tanks; 24 gals. total on board
Fuel gauge or Visual Inspect
visual fuel level inspection (open can cap)

Motor Specifications

Motor Manufacturer
Motor Model Year
Motor Model
Motor Tilt
Hydro-electric power tilt
Engine profile
25 hp 4 stroke outboard motor featuring low emissions, quiet fuel efficient operation

Boat Seating, Sun Coverage, & Swim features

Sun coverage Square Footage
retractable 6 ft x 8 ft. bimini sun top 48 squ. ft.
Bow Bimini, Front Sun Top
single bimini sun top
Swim Ladder length & Number of Rungs
four step folding
Swim ladder fixed or Removable
Boat Flooring
marine vinyl deck for cleaner fast drying traction
Seating Description
two outward facing cushy comfortable sofa seats in center of boat forward of helm, soft comfortable sofa seats across rear of boat with storage
Pilots Seat
comfortable swivel seat with back support
Fishing Seats
two front comfortable swivel seats with back support

Boat Convenience Features

bring yours
small storage beneath rear sofa seat
Dock Lights
two below-deck mounted bow halogen dock lights
Starting Battery
marine starting battery 400 cca
Anchors on Board
primitive stone anchor with approximately 70 ft.of rope

Fishing Features

Trolling Motor
12 volt 55 lb. thrust handle control bow mount trolling motor
Trolling Motor Batteries
marine deep cycle battery 500 cca
Live Well
spacious circulating fresh water live well forward of helm
Bow Controls
Center Console pilots stand
electronic sonar depth finder and fish locator on helm
Fishing Seats
two front comfortable swivel seats with back support

Safety Features

Railing Height
36" from side gates to rear, 23" front lowered front railing for netting & landing fish
USCG approved throwable safety device
one coast guard approved
six minimum coast guard approved universal personal flotation devices (life jackets)

Tow Features

Tow bar or Tow Point
Single Tube Tow Rating
no tow