Gilligan's Boats Testimonials


I am not sure who reads these emails at Gilligan’s Boats but I wanted to reach out to one and all to say Thank You for great customer service. 

I was just called by one of your employees letting me know they had found a knife I had left on a pontoon boat I rented last Friday and they were going to mail that to me today.  

Along with that, the gentleman that was working the boat dock Friday Morning (5/26/2017) was a pleasure to deal with, he helped with our gear getting it to the boat and back to the car, he was enjoyable to speak with and seemed very knowledgeable of the boat and lake. 

GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE is hard to find anymore, people don’t seem to understand the value of good customer service and when I experience it I like to thank those involved… 

So THANK YOU, I have rented boats from you in the past and most definitely will in the future… 


 - Geoff G.


What amazing people ! I have done a great amount of travel and have left many places awed by great service . Therefore when I say your staff is " the best of the best " it is based upon years of experiences with rentals of everything you can imagine , plus my high expectations . I expect professional service staff to give their all.  You can be pleased that is all I seen from the minute I called you to the very end. Not limited to but including office staff jumping into the water fully dressed to assist our handicapped nephew. She came out to check on us because a passerby informed Gilligan's that we we having a minor issue with our boat. When she arrived she was aware what was minor COULD become serious if she didn't act quickly. So off with her glasses and shoes and in she went to assist James. WOW ! You will know these people care far more about you than just their business...this is why they are so great at what they do.   Sheila from Michigan ( first time with Gilligan's sure won't be our last)

-Sheila T.


I am posting this note on your website to inform the President/Owner of Gilligan’s Boats, Mr. Kerry Lane, of a situation that occurred last Saturday evening while on Patoka Lake and to express how impressed I am with the treatment that my family and I received from his team.

After a 14 yr. absence from boating, my wife and I decided to get another boat, which we purchased from a neighbor back in March of this year.  

Due to the fact that our house is 1 ½ hours away from Patoka Lake, we wanted to find a location to store our boat.  After talking with a couple of marina’s and other storage locations in the Patoka Lake area, we decided to go with Gilligan’s because of the location, storage size, price, service, and friendly staff that was able to answer many questions that we had.  This has worked out very well for us.

With regards to our experience with your team last Saturday:

My wife, children and I were out enjoying a nice day on the lake.  It was about 8:15 pm when we decided to call it a day and head for the ramp. We were a couple miles from the ramp when we ran out of gas (due to a faulty gas gauge).  It was getting dark and very few boats were out so I began to get a bit concerned.  A boat passing by stopped and called a Marina (I won’t disclose the name of this particular Marina).  After several attempts the Marina finally picked up the phone but was less than eager to help….stating that they would not bring gas out.  They said to call back later if I needed to get towed in because they were busy at that particular time.

Several minutes later another boat passing by mentioned that they were returning their rental boat to Gilligan’s Marina and would inform them of our situation.  It wasn’t 15 minutes later that one of your employees (Josh) arrived in a Pontoon Boat with a few gallons of gas.  He filled our boat with the gas and said that he would stay by until we got the boat started and on our way …. It’s a good thing, because in the process of running out of gas, apparently air got into my fuel line, thus not allowing the boat to start.   After towing us to Gilligan’s Marina at Patoka’s South Ramp, there were 2 more of your employees that met us at the dock to help secure our boat.  All three of these gentlemen were very courteous, professional, and genuinely concerned about my boat.  In fact they were not satisfied with the three buoys’ and rope that I had onboard so they ran back and got several more buoys’ and rope.  They stated that they wanted to make sure that the boat was well secured so that it would not get scratched during its overnight stay.

My wife mentioned later that evening that “they treated our boat as if it were their very own”.  They even took the time to assist me and family with unloading our boat.  Josh then said that he would call in to your mechanic and that he would be able to fix the problem.

Sure enough, your mechanic, Mark, was nice enough to come in on Sunday morning and got the boat running.  They called and advised that the boat was ready to go. When we arrived at Gilligan’s Marina later that morning we were met by your team.  They were again very friendly and helped us load the boat and get launched.   Also, I was given a Gilligan’s phone # to call in case of any future problems.  This is a great service that gives me piece of mind in knowing that there is a group of competent and caring individuals that can be counted on at any time if needed.

Although this was certainly was not a major ordeal, the treatment we received is definitely worth commending your group for and allowed us another full day of fun on the lake.

In closing, I would like to say that your team is truly a class act and a step above your competition.  I feel fortunate to have picked Gilligan’s to store my boat and take care of our boating needs.   As long as I’m boating, you’ll have a loyal customer.  I thank you and ask that you thank your team on my behalf.

Best regards,

- D. Hunt


I am so grateful that I purchased the Yacht Club membership...I had a great time!!! Thank you for your kindness and help!!! (Kerry and Staff)



Just wanted to say THANKS! for the rental and the upgrade that you provided us with on 9/28 we very much enjoyed the boat and being on the lake. We look forward to doing business with you again, hopefully this year.

Thanks again. Eric & Lachele





My wife and I had an AMAZING day Saturday!  We just wanted to pass along our thanks.  Your staff is absolutely amazing.  Even after all of your batteries were stolen, the dock personnel were very patient and friendly.  They were working very hard to get everyone on the boats quickly & safely - it was obvious you guys have a great staff.  We will always remember what a great experience this was, and look very forward to visiting again soon.  I also want to thank you for letting us keep the boat after 8pm so that my brother & I could go cat-fishing!  We caught some really big ones and enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks again!  You guys are top-notch!!!!!!!

-Matthew D.


Dear Kerry,

You are one of the reasons we have the absolute best memories of our vacations on Patoka Lake!!! May your business continue to thrive and grow. May this be your best season yet. May you have customers standing outside before you even open your doors for business every morning!! May God bless the good repuation of your business all year round! See you in (11) days and counting!

-Lucia & John


We had an absolutely perfect day on the water. So grateful for the family time before my son leaves Wednesday morning for US Naval Academy. So glad we decided to come up! Thank you!

-D. Hurley


We usually like to pick up around 9:00 am. Everything looks good to me. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am so glad this part of our family reunion is done. I meant what I said about your staff. They are all very nice and have always made our process easy. We come there every year due to the great service that is provided each and every time (even when there was an error).

Thanks again,
-All of the Hall Clan


Many thanks to Gilligans again this year for our crappie fishing trip.  It was apparently a little early this year with the late spring.  Still we caught several and appreciated watching the eagles and turkeys.  We will be back and may try one of the pontoon fishing boats next time.  We got a look at one on the dock and actually that looks a little more comfortable for stand up fishing.



If you are looking for the best boating experience - look no further than Gilligan's Boat Rentals! My husband and I  have been visiting beautiful Lake Patoka for 11 years we would choose NO other facility than Gilligan's Boat Rental for our boating needs.

Kerry Lane runs his business with a spirit of excellence and is truly a man of great integrity. The staff at Gilligan's Boat Rentals are simply the best - always cheerful and always helpful !! From start to finish the staff will make you feel like you are the only person they are caring for that day! You must experience it for yourself.

By Far, our best and most blessed memories are those spent on Patoka Lake. Kerry Lane and the staff of Gilligan's Boat Rentals have our heartfelt thanks for the excellent customer service they give to each client.  I'm sure you will agree - the memories will be PRICELESS!

John & Lucia
Palos Hills, IL


I want to email and thank you for making our experience with Gilligan's Boats and enjoyable experience! We were there for a family reunion and we were so glad that we decided to rent a pontoon from Gilligan's Boats. The price was great, the pontoon was in pristine condition and, mostly the people who work at Gilligan's are helpful and friendly. I highly recommend you to any and all who want to have a fun, relaxing time just tooling around Lake Patoka.

Use Gilligan's - You won't regret it!!!!

-Joann B.


My husband and I have been coming to Patoka Lake for the past 4 years now. For the first 3 years we have stayed in town and rented a boat from Gilligan’s. We have had an outstanding experience each time.  The price has been reasonable and the service is fantastic. The staff have always been great and so helpful as well as friendly and personable.

Well, this year we choose to stay closer to the lake and by doing so were offered a discount on boat rental from another company.  Due to our financial situation we decided to try the other company out.  We were the only one renting a boat that day from this company and they provided us the cheapest, most basic boat in the price range we chose that they had.  We had to pay for our gas and were treated like criminals in the case we “ruined” their boat!  We still had a great time on the lake but we learned a very valuable lesson; we will always rent from Gilligan’s! 

Thanks for providing such great service and being so accommodating to your visitors!



Patoka Lake ROCKS this time of year! Enjoying the benefits of Gilligan's Boats Yacht Club membership! Such a fantastic way to be a boater... The crew at the docks are always hospitable and work hard to help us make the most of our membership. THANKS, guys!

-Elizabeth G.