Yacht Club Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can share my Yacht Club Family Membership?

Up to three

Does my spouse count as one of the three?

You and your spouse count as a total of ONE.
You may add up to TWO ADDITIONAL FAMILY individuals as members in addition to you and your spouse.

What about guests?

Bring 'em! At least ONE YACHT CLUB MEMBER must be aboard the boat for its use to qualify under Yacht Club Membership.

How many guests may I bring as a Yacht Club Member? 

Bring as many as you will but REMEMBER: You may not exceed the maximum people capacity of your selected boat.
Additional guests might have to take turns on board.

What about boat & rental equipment damage & loss?

The Yacht Club Member signing for the equipment at that time on that date is the individual responsible for all boat and equipment damage &/or loss.

If I pay my Yacht Club Membership today then when does it begin?

Yacht Club Membership lasts one full year from your first Yacht Club use. You can join and pay in advance for savings or convenience and your renewal date is not set until your first visit.

What about fuel cost?

Fuel cost is the responsibility of the Yacht Club Member signing for the equipment at that time on that date.
The Yacht Club Member who's membership is used that day will be responsible for all fuel (and other expenses should they occur) that day.