Early Bird Bonus Offer Act Now Through December 31, 2019

2020 Boat Rental Early Bird Bonus is now available for a limited time. Make your future date reservation & do so now through December 31, 2019 and prepay your 8-11 hour rate in full and get PRICE LOCK, BONUS RENTAL TIME, and convenient ONE STOP DOCK N GO. If you, your friends, and family enjoy spending time boating on Patoka Lake then now is the time to reserve a boat and earn EARLY BIRD bonus boating time. 

The EARLY BIRD boat rental bonus applies for all 2020 reservation dates & all available boats.

Prepayment Reservation Early Bird Bonus benefits

  1. Price Lock --prepayment caps and locks in your rental rate As prices increase yours will not. Payment in full seals the deal. 
  2. Bonus Time --due-back time extension until CIVIL TWILIGHT! Standard due-in time is 6 pm EDT regardless of your start time. Early Bird Bonus prepay guests’ due in time is EXTENDED to civil twilight (Click here for the United States Naval Observatory Civil Twilight Calendar). *Remember to adjust for Eastern Daylight Time.) 
  3. One Stop Dock N Go! --Pay for Accident Forgiveness and arrive directly at courtesy dock **One stop only avoids lines at headquarters, arrive directly at dock with Accident Forgiveness! **Saves time -valuable family leisure boating time

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