Gilligan's Store Hours


Boat Rental Open 

Store open daily 9am to 4pm EDT with good weather

Start fishing as early as 7:00 am EDT with Reservation

 Stay out on Patoka Lake as late as nearly 9:00 pm EDT with Reservation

Walk in boat rental coming back soon



Bass Catch 2020

Early Bird Bonus Offer Act Now Through August 31, 2020

EarlyBird20202020 Boat Rental Early Bird Bonus is now available for a limited time. Make your future date reservation & do so now through August 31, 2020 and prepay your 8-11 hour rate in full and get PRICE LOCK, BONUS RENTAL TIME, and convenient ONE STOP DOCK N GO. If you, your friends, and family enjoy spending time boating on Patoka Lake then now is the time to reserve a boat and earn EARLY BIRD bonus boating time. 

The EARLY BIRD boat rental bonus applies for all 2020 reservation dates & all available boats.

Prepayment Reservation Early Bird Bonus benefits

  1. Price Lock --prepayment caps and locks in your rental rate As prices increase yours will not. Payment in full seals the deal. 
  2. Bonus Time --due-back time extension until civil twilight. Standard due-in time is 6 pm EDT regardless of your start time. Early Bird Bonus prepay guests’ due in time is EXTENDED to civil twilight. *Remember to adjust for Eastern Daylight Time.) 
  3. One Stop Dock N Go! --Pay for Accident Forgiveness and arrive directly at courtesy dock **One stop only avoids lines at headquarters, arrive directly at dock with Accident Forgiveness! **Saves time -valuable family leisure boating time

For reservations complete our electronic Reservation Request at the top of this page!


Gilligan's Boats, 2308 N. Dillard Road, Birdseye, IN 47513-9331

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