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Your Pontoon Rental Headquarters on Patoka Lake

Celebrating 29 years in the boating and recreation industry Gilligan's Boats' leadership understands the needs of the recreational boater, fishing enthusiast, and the competitive angler. We understand and share your love for quality time on the water with friends and family. Our goal at Gilligan's Boats is to provide both our return clients & first time guests with the items you need & convenient hassle-free service that will make your visit to Patoka Lake a treasured memory for years to come.

Boat Safety LawsAvailable at Gilligan's Boats:

  • Pontoon Boat Rental
  • Fishing Boat Rental
  • Kayak Rental
  • Boat Sales both new and pre-owned
  • Pontoon Sales
  • Outboard Motor Sales
  • Trailer Sales
  • Boat Maintenance & Repair
  • Boat Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Boating Supplies
  • Skis, Kneeboards, Wakeboards, Tubes & Tow ropes
  • Retail Store/Camping Supplies
  • Bait
  • Parts

We look forward to getting you and your friends and family on the water just as soon as possible. 

Early Bird Bonus Offer Act Now Through September 14, 2019

2019 Boat Rental Early Bird Bonus is now available for a limited time. Make your future date reservation & do so now through September 14, 2019 and prepay your 8-11 hour rate in full and get PRICE LOCK, BONUS RENTAL TIME, and convenient ONE STOP DOCK N GO. If you, your friends, and family enjoy spending time boating on Patoka Lake then now is the time to reserve a boat and earn EARLY BIRD bonus boating time. 

The EARLY BIRD boat rental bonus applies for all 2019 reservation dates & all available boats.

Prepayment Reservation Early Bird Bonus benefits

  1. Price Lock --prepayment caps and locks in your rental rate As prices increase yours will not. Payment in full seals the deal. 
  2. Bonus Time --due-back time extension until CIVIL TWILIGHT! Standard due-in time is 6 pm EDT regardless of your start time. Early Bird Bonus prepay guests’ due in time is EXTENDED to civil twilight (Click here for the United States Naval Observatory Civil Twilight Calendar). *Remember to adjust for Eastern Daylight Time.) 
  3. One Stop Dock N Go! --Pay for Accident Forgiveness and arrive directly at courtesy dock **One stop only avoids lines at headquarters, arrive directly at dock with Accident Forgiveness! **Saves time -valuable family leisure boating time

For reservations complete our electronic Reservation Request at the top of this page!

Yacht Club 2019 Recruiting!

Gilligan's Boats is excited to offer MORE VARIETY with ever popular Yacht Club Family Membership! Join now while Yacht Club Memberships are available. The number of Memberships offered is limited.

Gilligan's Boats Yacht Club MembershipReturning for 2019- Family Economy Yacht Club Membership, Family Yacht Club Plus, and Family Yacht Club Deluxe!  More choices for a better fit for your boating lifestyle.

Look under BOAT RENTAL on the above tool bar and click GILLIGAN'S YACHT CLUB

Outfit your Company's team with Gilligan's Corporate Yacht Club! Your company's reward to your valued corporate family members; teammates, colleagues and staff. Join on Corporate Yacht Club Membership. -see Gilligan's Yacht Club page for Yacht Club prices & terms.

Exciting Innovation:   Gilligan's Corporate Economy Yacht Club and Corporate Yacht Club Plus allows members and their guests to enjoy a Boating lifestyle on Patoka Lake without all of the usual headaches often accompanying boat ownership mainenance, boat preparation, towing, and boat trailerng. Yacht Club Members enjoy a boating corporate lifestyle at one annual affordable price. Impress your clients and colleagues.  Reward your VIP Corporate teammates with relaxation and team building memories as Yacht Club Members.

If you love being on Patoka Lake the Yacht Club provides our members a extraordinarily inexpensive and boat-owning hassle free Patoka Lake boating lifestyle. Look under Gilligan's Boat Rental on the above tool bar and click Gilligan's Yacht Club.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on this limited time offer!